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Fashion trends 2023: Here’s what fashion experts predict you’ll be wearing next season.

Want to get ahead of the fashion trends in 2023? Every six months, designers present a preview of their collections to fashion editors, buyers, and style fans. Available six months later, global fashion weeks give us a glimpse into upcoming fashion trends, readying us for the season ahead. You might only just be getting to grips with the winter 2022 fashion trends. But we’re already looking ahead to spring/summer. With the month-long series of fashion shows across New York, London, Paris and Milan a somewhat distant memory.

We now have an initial blueprint for the next series of trends, and we can already see strong patterns emerging for spring/summer 2023 and it’s going to be a good one! And whether you wear designer clothes or not, straight-to-market brands watch the shows carefully to decipher which fashion trends the industry is likely to be celebrating in six months’ time, using the shows to help to guide their own collections too.

fashion 2023

Although designers aren’t governed by anything in particular, there are often cross-over threads between collections thanks to external influences that gently and independently impact styles. And while trends used to change quite drastically every six months, we’re seeing a number of the big fashion trends in 2022 sticking around being developed, extended, and updated for the fashion trends of 2023, with silhouettes and colors that have been a roaring success set to still have a spot in your wardrobe for the foreseeable. Can’t wait six months? These are the best Paris Fashion Week Street style trends you can wear now.

2023 Fashion Trends Straight From The Runway To Start Wearing

Regarding fashion and, specifically, fashion week, the industry tries to uphold a delicate balance between longevity and trends. Designers work to craft collections that feel cohesive to their previous work while still breaking some form of a barrier pushing their designs forward and inspiring a new season of style. As new designer collections debut around the world during fashion month, we begin to see clear fashion trends for 2023 emerge. Amongst TikTok “hot takes” on fashion week, an analysis of Anna Win tour’s subtle reactions (she seemed to enjoy the Tom Ford show), and many designer’s feeble attempts to include realistic body types on the runway, we are left with a jumble of opinions, critiques and questions.

But when it comes to trends, there is one question that reigns supreme—would you wear it? As consumers, we subsequently work through the same tug-and-pull of trends that designers do but on the receiving end. Do we aim to be aspirational or affordable? Do we shop for the moment? Exhilarating, though potentially fleeting. Or do we shop for the future? Curated for forever, at the risk of playing it a bit safe. Spoiler alert: there’s no correct answer.


To be hyper-aware of trends and the evolving landscape of your own closet is to be a conscious consumer. To seek out trends from the runway before they run your Instagram feed is to be a conscious consumer. The current state of the trend cycle moves at a dizzying pace—getting swept up in the current feels inevitable. The art of fashion and building your personal style forms when the wearer moves past consciously participating in trends and chooses to participate selectively. No designer includes every upcoming trend in their collections, and frankly, neither should you.


That being said, the fashion trends for 2023 are all over the board. From a continuation of controversial low-rise options and an influx of too-sheer-for-work slip dresses to heavy leather skirts and delicate dip-dye, the Spring/Summer ’23 collections from New York Fashion Week create a “choose your own adventure” game plan. You can scroll through every trend, but only a special few will realistically probably make it into your closet.

Lengths of Leather

Lengths of Leather

Leather jackets have been a mainstay during fashion week for decades, and this season was no exception. Heavy (and colorful) leather jackets were seen at Coach, but the trend was upstage by a more playful iteration: leather skirts. From mini to maxi, leather skirts swung down the runway. Designers took a longer, more structured approach to the style, while others kept it short and sweet. Since leather is traditionally a textile for fall and winter, it’s nice to see a piece that works all year round. The style pairs well with everything, so this is definitely a trend worth investing in for 2023.


This past summer, cutouts were everywhere, specifically a double oblique cutout (like on this viral Cult Gaia dress). Cutouts continued to dominate formal wear on the New York runways, but this time, designers were picking a side. One-sided oblique cutouts were everywhere and on everyone—Gigi Hadid rocked the look at Tom Ford, and Karlie Kloss wore a one-shoulder iteration at Carolina Herrera. The style is a great way to emphasize your waist, show a little skin and play up any simple gown.

The Crisp Shirt

The word “trend” can stir up negative thoughts associated with fast fashion and flashy statement pieces. But there’s the flip side of the coin — some trends can simply be a re-centering of classic pieces with fresh styling choices. Such is the case with the button-down shirt. “When thinking of building your new year wardrobe, a crisp button-down is an essential. What the relaxed blazer has been for outfitting in the last several years, the shirt will become in 2023,”. Whether it’s classic white or banker blue. An oversized button-down is a versatile wear-with-everything piece that can easily be dress up or down. Layered in innumerable ways or stand out on its own.


Sequins aren’t just for Christmas, and sparkly style is trickling straight through to spring. From silver suiting at Australian clothing brand Zimmerman to disco dresses at Givenchy. Designers went mad for metallics, and it’s guarantee to spark joy in your wardrobe.

Elie Saab gave sequin gowns a spring-ready update with colorful floral embellishments, whilst Dolce & Gabbana gave frocks a Hollywood-glamour finish with dramatic jewel-encrusted gloves. Perfect for when wedding season rolls around. For a more low-key take, look to Michael Kors’ gray tank and silver wrap skirt combo. This high-low mix is effortlessly cool and perfect for layering over your swimwear to take your look from the beach to the bar.


The fashion trends for 2023 are all over the board. No designer includes every upcoming trend in their collections, and neither should you. New York Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer ’23 collections create a “choose your own adventure” game plan. Some trends can simply be a re-centering of classic pieces with fresh styling choices.

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