Human Resource Manager

What is a Human Resource Manager

The administrative tasks of a company are planned, directed, and coordinated by human resource managers. They are in charge of hiring, interviewing, and training in addition to recruiting new hires. During strategic planning, the human resource manager serves as a point of contact for staff members and administrative officials.

HR Manager Daily Tasks

  • Organize and manage the activities of the human resource team
  • Meet with other department heads to collect information about their staffing and training needs
  • Plan and oversee employee benefit programs.
  • Direct disciplinary actions and mediate workplace conflict.
  • Supervise recruitment, interviews, selections, hiring, and training.

HR Manager Daily Tasks

Human resource managers are in charge of employing the employees a business needs to succeed. This involves collaborating with the administrative team to optimize employee value and ensure that everyone operates as effectively and efficiently as possible.

In giant firms, human resource managers often oversee the administrative duties of the human resource departments. Specialty human resource managers specializing in HR, including salary and benefits, training, and recruiting, are familiar with larger organizations.

HR Career Growth

The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a 9% increase in employment for human resource managers by 2024. This is quicker than the national average for all jobs in the country. Human resource managers must assist businesses and organizations in adapting to the younger generation’s different work ethics and styles. Businesses require human resource managers to ensure that their companies follow the complicated and constantly changing employment rule.

HR Manager Salary Potential

A human resource manager makes, on average, $104,440 a year. The possible salary for HR managers in business and enterprise management is $118,320. HR managers in the manufacturing and professional, scientific, and technical services sectors might earn $117,640 and $100,710, respectively.

Human Resources Manager Degrees

A human resource manager often needs at least a bachelor’s degree to land an entry-level job. A graduate degree, such as a Master of Science in Human Resource Management, is nonetheless required by some businesses. Because they are armed with critical skills, including ethics, training and development, managing culture and morale, and organizational strategy, graduates with a master’s degree in human resource management are better prepared to succeed in their jobs. Investigate the degree programs in human resources.

Social Workers (BA in Social Work)

In addition to mental health clinics, schools, child welfare, human service organizations, hospitals, nursing homes, drug misuse clinics, and penal facilities, social workers assist clients in various contexts. The fundamental duties of social workers also assist clients in a range of other contexts. The essential responsibilities of a social worker include developing and carrying out plans to enhance clients’ well-being, keeping track of clients to guarantee their recovery and growth, and determining if the services being offered are meeting clients’ requirements.

A bachelor’s degree in social work will equip students for entry-level careers. The average yearly wage for social workers, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), is $44,200.

Social workers who deal with children, families, and schools also help clients develop their parenting skills and seek to stop child abuse and neglect. They help families fill out applications for services like child care or subsidies like food stamps. Social workers work with parents, teachers, and other school personnel to enhance children’s academic achievement and deal with behavioral issues like bullying and violence. In this social work industry, the yearly median wage is $41,530.

In the healthcare system, social workers assist patients, and their families in managing their condition or illness. They could suggest local businesses and home health care to their patients. Also, they collaborate with healthcare professionals to develop discharge plans in hospitals. Some social workers have a specialization in working with hospice or geriatric patients. The average yearly pay in this area of social work is $49,830.

Social workers specializing in mental health and drug misuse make an average of $39,980 annually. Their consumers are looking for programs for addiction rehabilitation and therapy for mental ailments.

Education in Health (BS in Health Sciences: Health Education)

Health educators teach patients about healthy lifestyle choices. They work for institutions, including hospitals, medical practices, nonprofit groups, and the government, all concerned with the correct care of chronic disorders and the prevention or early diagnosis of diseases. Also, Health educators may be responsible for planning health-related activities and events, offering training courses for medical professionals, and promoting improved tools and regulations for health promotion.

Education in Health

According to the BLS, the median yearly compensation for health educators is $48,790. However, some health educators have higher pay. For instance, health educators working for the government make an average of $50,580, while those hired by hospitals earn an average of $60,360.

Healthcare Executives (BS in Health Sciences: Health Care Administration)

Healthcare administrators hold managerial positions. They could manage a practice for a group of doctors, a healthcare facility like a hospital or nursing home, or both. Also, Healthcare managers must be aware of any legislation, regulations, or technology changes that impact healthcare providers. The effectiveness and caliber of patient treatment are two things that healthcare administrators work to enhance. Among the responsibilities include: such as managing funds, scheduling, and overseeing personnel.

According to the BLS, the median annual compensation for healthcare administrators is $88,580. Nursing home administrator or health information manager are examples of specific job titles. Also, the size of the facility or practice and the manager’s level of responsibility affect pay.


The administrative tasks of a company are planned, directed, and coordinated by HR managers. A graduate degree, such as a Master of Science in Human Resource Management, is required by some employers. In many different contexts, social workers assist their clients. Social workers earn an average yearly pay of $44,200—Health Educators (BS in Health Sciences: Health Education).

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