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Want to Write for Us the “Upload Your Blogs”?

We want to make it easier for marketers, creatives, and designers to find informative articles about no-code, the new web, and design.
Topics we’re currently interested in
1. Tech
2. Travel
4. Fashion
6. Food
7. Health
8. Business
9. Festival
How I built _____ in “Upload Your Blogs“. How you can write for us. Hot takes from behind the scenes.
Please read the remainder of this page if you have a tale (or pitch) that meets the aforementioned theme before submitting it using the relevant form.

Our Style

Write as though you were speaking to a buddy, using a conversational tone that is also educated.
Prioritize clarity above wit, however doing both will get you bonus points.
Be concise when you can. Don’t bury the lede.
Make regular use of subheads, photos, lists, blockquotes, and other structural elements to make your article interesting and skimmable.

And Please Keep in Mind:

Each image you use must have a description, and all images you use must be within your legal rights. Make sure the visuals you use genuinely support the point(s) you are making and are not only for aesthetic sake.
No selling of your product, please! Put greater emphasis on the lessons your piece can teach, or just the narrative itself.
Please refrain from sending us anything that you have previously posted elsewhere. And definitely don’t copy someone else’s work.

Questions to ask yourself before Submitting

Here are some questions for your better understanding.

Who’s your audience?
For those who create websites and digital goods, such as agencies and business owners, we publish material. One of these groups should find your material intriguing.
What will readers get out of your article? Why should they read it?
We publish content that’s useful and/or inspiring. Ideally, it’ll be both. Without meaning to offend, but if your material does not educate or inspire creative professionals, it is not for us.
How will readers act on your article?
What will your lessons educate readers to do? Tell them how they can put your suggestions to work.

Ready to Submit?

One form is for submitting blog articles, while the other is for submitting highlighted sites. Please be certain you submit the right one.
Please be aware that we exclusively review Google Docs draughts. And although though we’d love to talk to everyone, the amount of submissions we receive prevents us from doing so, so you’ll only hear from us if we want to proceed.

Articles Submissions

When you have a concept that fits one of the aforementioned categories we favour, submit it here. Don’t forget to modify the document’s permissions before submitting it!